A lot of people downplaying it, saying you're eight thousand miles away. But you're not really eight thousand miles away, you're eighteen inches away (full title)

Part of Apparatus, work in progress, 2013

The installation consists of four slide projectors aimed at one piece of semi transparent plexiglass producing a moving image which can be seen from the front as well as from the back and the sides. The image also reflects into the space behind the installation, as well as producing a vague imprint on the wall behind the plexiglas. The work becomes a projector itself, aggressively ongoing, emphasizing the intervention from a machine, a medium or perhaps a weapon.

Quamishli, Syria. Oktober 2011

Protestors on the streets are believed to be targeted by unknown snipers on the rooftops. I aim at the crowd, at the buildings across the street and back at the crowd again, which at some point starts to run, suggesting the faint idea of something going terribly wrong . Then again, I try to capture the buildings across the street, finding myself trying to film an almost invisible enemy, only being able to show tiny black silhouettes on the rooftops, which are believed to be targeting protestors on the streets.

Within this installation, this story is reduced to images, fixed on a physique carrier and captured in analogue loop to never leave again and keep on running in the same mediated or machine-like circle in which it originated.

25 sec excerpt from total loop